Innovative Data Cloud

A decentralized Data Cloud into which businesses can autonomously and securely onboard their customer data. It’s a platform where enterprise decision-makers can seamlessly access real-time meaningful insights and analytics in visually presented dashboards. Where your data cloud experience begins, one platform, many workloads, and no data silos.

DeFi System

Nekla maps and connects enterprises financial assets to the rapidly growing DeFi landscape. Which empowers enterprises to better utilize their capital, optimize their financial operations, and create better payment experiences for their customer base, it powers a digital payment platform for fast and secure transactions easily accessible by millions.

Decentralized Utility Token

NKL token is an atomic unit of value exchange inside the Nekla ecosystem, fueling the creation of a transactional economy between buyers and sellers. Allowing users to earn value and to spend it on services that are internal to the Nekla ecosystem. Creating a democratic system owned by its users, empowering them to decide its future in a fully transparent manner.

The Nekla Mission

To forge a robust and trusted data and financial network that is fast, secure, and easily accessible by millions of people.

80% of government and enterprise data is wasted in moving, aggregating, cleansing, verifying, and sharing data with other business entities and stakeholders. 

Most DeFi lending protocols’ liquidity is often scarce, leading to a high annual percentage yield (APY) on loans of over 20%-30%.

Bad data costs US businesses alone US$600 billion annually. Less than 0.5% of all data we create is ever analyzed and used.

1.7 billion citizens are unbanked. 85% of the world’s transactions still rely on cash. Asian retailers alone lose around US$40 billion every year to the theft of hard currency.

70% of data is created by individuals, but enterprises are responsible for storing and managing 80% of that.

Traditional banking systems charge their customers 7% to send money overseas and can take three to five working days.


The Nekla Network is Global

If you can send an email in the flash of an electron, we believe it should be the same for data from anywhere on earth.


The Nekla cloud can be accessed and fully leveraged by even the most basic smart mobile devices and data connections.


Where your data cloud experience begins, one platform, many workloads, no data silos.


Designed from the ground up on blockchain technology, Nekla network is supremely secure and transparent.


Secure & Governed Access to Your Data, virtually unlimited scale, seamless access across Clouds, and near-zero maintenance, as a Service.


Easily discover and securely share live governed data across your business, with your customers and business partners, and with any organization that is part of in the Data Cloud.


Nekla is open-sourced and encourages input and innovation from invested users around the world.

Who’s building Nekla?

Nekla is the flagship project by Bussr Technologies, a leading AI-based mobility company that powers cities’ public transportation and private transport operators with full-stack advanced technology for booking, payments, analytics, and operations to facilitate mobility to millions of people. A market that is predicted to reach $908 billion in 2027. 


Global scale

Powering top brands around the world.




Payment partners


Retail stores






News and Press


"New App Bussr Makes Traveling A Breeze In Southeast Asia"


"Bussr's AI Platform to Reshape the World's Roads and Economies"


"Helping mobility service providers digitize South-East Asia’s mobility market"


 "Bringing a choreographed elegance to the way people travel"

Market Watch.png

"Transport disruptor Bussr has caught the eye of global investment titans"

London Daily.png

"Bussr is Creating the Shopify of Mobility in South-East Asia"

California Herald.png

"The Mobility Startup Built to Revolutionize Asia’s Transportation Market"

American Reporter.png

"How Bussr is Helping Companies Solve Transport Issues"

The white paper

The Network. The Data Cloud.

The Finance System. The Governance.


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